Sunday saw me complete my first Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) event which was the Sevenoaks Circular.

For the first time ever on an event I took the camera with me and I think in future I’ll make sure I always do. I got some photos that I’m fairly happy with and with practice, and better equipment, I’ll get some decent shots.

Sevenoaks Circular - Me

OK. So I didn’t take that photo but I thought I’d slip it in.

Sevenoaks Circular - Woodland

This is the North Downs Way and if we had been there a couple of weeks later then this scene would have been covered with bluebells.

Sevenoaks Circular - Hill

There was a certain amount climbing which isn’t great for the finish time but is quite good fun.

Next event (which is the 1st Virgin London Marathon) I’ll try out some new gear to allow access to the camera easier.

Finish time for this event was 5 hours 40 minutes. Plenty of hills, mud and navigation thought which explains the slowish time. Came 8th though.